Saturday, 23 November 2013

Star Trail Photography Tips

If you have thought about taking star trail photography but are not sure how, this article by Loreen Liberty for PictureCorrect will give you the basic knowledge you require. Professional photographer Loreen ( has been taking photographs since her early teens, and in the professional industry for the past nine year. After many successful years as a wedding and portrait photographer, Loreen decided to turn her attentions to teaching photography full time. “It gives me more time to practice my craft and be artistic for myself.”

One of the lessons in the Photography Lab series I teach is a lesson on night photography, specifically shooting the stars. There are two essentials to know before going out to shoot stars your first time.

ONE: The Earth is rotating. This means you can photograph star constellations, but after about 15 seconds, you will start to get blurring in your stars because of the move ment of the Earth.

TWO: You should know a couple of constellations before you go out: the Big Dipper and Orion are the two I use to orient myself.

Read the article and see some of Laurens images by following this link:.............Star Trail Photography Tips – PictureCorrect

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