Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Start to See Photographically In Six Easy Steps

In this article from Digital Photography School, Valerie Jardin gives the reader six basic steps to help them compose good photographs. We have probably heard the tips before, but Valerie lays them out in a clear and easy to follow way, with excellent examples from her own work.

We are living in a time of unlimited free shutter clicks. This is both an advantage, and a disadvantage for you as a photographer. On one hand, the learning curve is faster, easier and definitely a lot cheaper. On the other hand, many photographers have a tendency to shoot without taking much care in their composition and rely on the occasional lucky shot.

Stop shooting randomly and start photographing with intent. Before you click that shutter, ask yourself: “What do I want to convey? What story do I want to tell?” There are many ways to achieve this, here are few easy steps to help you step up your game, no matter what camera or lens you use.

Follow the link to read the six steps:.... Start to See Photographically In Six Easy Steps

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