Saturday, 2 November 2013

Wide-angle Lenses and the Landscape

In this article from Digital Photography School, Andrew Gibson gives his views on the benefits of using a wide-angle lens for photographing landscapes. Andrew is a writer and photographer living in New Zealand and is the author of over fifteen photography ebooks.

If there was ever a subject and a lens made for each other, then it is the wide-angle lens and the landscape.

Wide-angle lenses are ideal for landscape photography:

They have more depth of field at any given aperture setting and camera to subject distance than telephotos. It is simple to stop down and obtain front to back sharpness.
The perspective of the wide-angle lens draws the viewer into the image and adds a sense of depth by making the horizon seem further away than it really is. You can see the effect in this landscape taken with a zoom lens set to a focal length of 26mm:

Follow the link to read the full article...........Wide-angle Lenses and the Landscape - Digital Photography School

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