Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Tips for photographing star trails at night

In this article from Digital Photography School, Don Komarechka shows the reader how to take stunning photographs of star trails, covering camera settings, composition and post processing. Don is a Canadian nature & landscape photographer. His work revolves around unique perspectives and unseen subjects and he has recently published a book on snowflakes and macro photography and his work can be seen on his website or on Google+.

Photography is a fantastic tool to explore the world around you, especially in ways normally invisible to our eyes. Landscapes at night often reveal untold treasures in the sky, and the stars can be made to swirl around like a dream. The process for photographing the movement of the stars isn’t nearly as difficult as it once was; star trails can be easily captured by any camera with a wired shutter release cable!

Follow the link to read the full article.............Tips for photographing star trails at night

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