Sunday, 23 March 2014

Bokeh - Creating a shallow Depth of Field in Landscape Photography.

Bokeh: Creating with Shallow Depths is an eBook written to inspire photographers to think beyond the confines of a deep depth of field. It’s is focused on guiding landscape photographers of all levels to widen their aperture and see the environment as light and shapes, and to create abstract, ethereal images that have a deeper meaning and interpretation.

By using a shallow depth of field and thin slices of focus, you can completely transform a landscape, manipulating an environment that usually can not be changed or controlled. You can create a complex or simple photograph by changing your depth, and this extensive guide can show you how.

This is the first of four new eBooks from Christopher O'Donnell  which combines the content of two previous eBooks dedicated to using shallow depths in the landscape, with some additional information and new images. The layout has been completely modernized for easier readability and navigation, and the content reorganized for a better flow of learning.

The eBook has increased in page numbers when compared to both previous eBooks (an additional 30+ pages), and the sleeker design has reduced the file size to 1/6th of the combined original, making for easier downloads and minimal storage space.

To celebrate this new edition, Christopher is offering a 50% discount from now until April 1st with the discount code BOKEH.

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