Tuesday, 4 March 2014

What is the Slowest Shutter Speed You Can Use for Handheld Photography?

An article from our friends at Picture Correct written by Amy Renfrey in which she gives some useful advice on shutter speed when holding your camera. Amy writes for and she has photographed many things from famous musicians (Drummers for Prince and Anastasia) to weddings and portraits of babies. Amy also teaches photography online to her students.

Once you start taking photos, many things become clear. The first is that light is vital to creating a nice photograph.

The second thing is that digital photography has made things much quicker and simpler. Third, we understand that proper camera usage is crucial to getting good quality photographs. As soon as these three things meet, we can start to feel pleased with our images. Once we recognize that various subjects and distinctive scenes need different adjustments, we can then go ahead and take beautiful shots.

Shutter speed and aperture (f-stop) are the two main things we must concern ourselves when aiming for sharp pictures. Shutter speed is responsible for the amount of time that the shutter is open. Aperture is responsible for depth of field and the amount of light coming into the sensor. Once you start exploring this closely you will realize that there’s more to the shutter than letting light in.

Follow the link to read the full article.............What is the Slowest Shutter Speed You Can Use for Handheld Photography? – PictureCorrect

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