Friday, 20 June 2014

Learn Really Easy Retouching!

We are delighted to bring you details of a new video tutorial from our friends Rob and Lauren at Photography Concentrate.

Their aim was to help their readers to be able to do simple, natural retouching, fast. That's why they've created Really Easy Retouching! 

In this video tutorial, they walk you through Adobe® Photoshop®, showing you which tools to use and how to use them, to address common problems. You'll get 12 HD videos – totalling just over 1.5 hours – that show you how to remove blemishes, smooth out uneven skin tone, whiten teeth, swap heads, get rid of distractions and more! 

Best of all, it's easy to learn, because you are shown visually each step of the way. You're going to have great skills, super fast. Woo!

Here's What You'll Learn

With Really Easy Retouching, you're going to learn a ton! Here are some of the big things covered:  
  • Lightening dark circles under eyes. 
  • Removing blemishes. 
  • Removing scars, scrapes and stray hairs. 
  • Smoothing uneven skin (without making it look like plastic). 
  • Whitening teeth. 
  • Giving eyes extra sparkle (super helpful when you're dealing with backlighting!). 
  • Removing distractions – like trash and signs. 
  • Slimming down chins, arms, waistlines and having it look natural. Creating a single image from multiple photos (great for big groups, when you can't get a shot of everyone looking at the camera). 
  • Essential Photoshop® tools, tips and shortcuts that make retouching a breeze. 
  • The hardware that'll make retouching even easier. 
  • What to leave, what to retouch, and how far to take it. 
This tutorial comes as a .zip file with 12 HD videos (in the .mp4 format). They'll work for both Macs and PCs. Download them and they're yours to keep forever! Re-watch them and brush up your skills as much as you like. 

This tutorial isn't going to teach you every single little thing about Photoshop®. There's no need! To do great, natural retouching, you need only a few tools and the know-how. And that's what this tutorial is all about!
This Is The Secret To Great Retouching...

So what makes for great retouching? It's all about keeping it natural. The most powerful retouching is so subtle that only you, the photographer, know it's there. 

Let's see simple retouching in action, shall we? 

#1. Remove blemishes & even out skin tone

Pesky blemishes and uneven skin tone can draw our attention away from our subject's eyes. Even subtle smoothing of our subject's skin helps bring the focus back where we want it. 

#2. Remove background distractions

Even with your best effort, sometimes you can't help but include distracting elements in your shot. But they don't have to stay! I'll show you how to make features like that fire alarm and door frame disappear in a flash. 

#3. Create a composite image (AKA swap heads!)

When you're photographing a big group, sometimes you simply can't get everyone looking at the camera at the same time. But you still have to deliver! I'll show you how to build a single shot from multiple photos and have it look totally natural. Easy! 

Ready to see exactly what were done to these images, and a bunch more? Pick up your copy now for a sweet deal! To celebrate the launch of Really Easy Retouching, Rob and Lauren are giving you 30% off for a limited time!

The tutorial is normally super affordable at US$24.95. But if you pick it up now, you'll save 30% and get it for only US$17.47!
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