Friday, 20 March 2015

Lions at Chobe National Park

On the morning of day three, March 8th, we went back into the National Park, determined to find some lions.

As we drove along we saw many more birds, plenty of zebra and impala, several more elephants but sadly no lions. We finally stopped for our hot coffee and delicious muffins baked by the chef at the camp, prior to making the drive back for lunch. As we we finishing off our drinks, another vehicle pulled into the clearing and out jumped some Australian tourists.

"Have you seen anything interesting " we asked, to make polite conversation. 

"Yes, " one of them replied.  "We have just seen a pride of lions eating an elephant carcas. There were ten of them altogether".

We turned to our guide and within seconds we were back in our vehicle, heading back the way we had been, knowing that it must have been the same carcas that we had seen the vultures on the previous day. 

After 20 minutes of fast driving, well as fast as you can drive along those dirt tracks, we were at the elephant carcas. By that time there were only three females left on the carcas. One of them finished and walked off. Our guide said that if we followed her she would lead us to the remainder of the pride, and sure enough, after 100 yards or so we saw the rest of them in the shade of a large tree. 

We waited there until the remaining two lions joined them, all looking well fed and contented!
At the kill
Leading us to the pride 
The male with his pride 
Another one returns well fed 
An after dinner drink 

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