Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Photography Composition

Our article today covers the importance of composition in your photography and comes from our friends over at Picture Correct. It is written by Gregory Colvin, a fine art photographer and author. His work has been exhibited in the Naples Fine Art Museum, Naples Florida and is in the collections of Hilton Hotels, Tampa General Hospital and the US Government.

Composition is the heart of the photo. Composition leads to the work of art that starts from inspiration. Inspiration begins when you disconnect with the interior struggles of everyday life and free the spirit to experience the world around you. Truly being in the moment and experiencing nature links you with everything around you.

It may sound like meditation, but awareness of your surroundings without interference of outside thoughts clears the mind and sharpens your senses. Images appear where you did not see them before. The elements begin to align and art emerges.

Joseph Cornell, in his book “Listening to Nature How to Deepen Your Awareness of Nature,” suggested this exercise:

  1. Walk into an area that you would like to photograph. 
  2. Instead of setting up the camera and shooting. Sit down. Wait. Relax. Be still and sense the moment. 
  3. Very quietly become conscious of nature.
The Native Americans called this “silent hunting.” Nature will speak to you, but you must be quiet. Nature speaks softly. If you are patient, nature will reveal herself to you. And incredible images will appear.................

To read the full article and to view some brilliant images follow this link: Photography Composition – PictureCorrect

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