Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Free Photography Resources

I am pleased to share with you, a fantastic resource that I have discovered - The Explorers Club — a place for photographers who are passionate about their art, and excited about learning! 

It is run by my friends Lauren and Rob, through their website Photography Concentrate. They want to help you with your photography, no matter what level you’re at. And to do this, they’ve created a TON of totally free photography resources…

This website is packed with tons of great content to help you improve your photography and business skills. But the very best content – freebies, tips series, discounts – are sent out only by email. And they send it only to members of the Explorers Club – a group of 46,000 awesome photographers from around the world!

The club is totally free, and gives you access to their legendary Freebie Library, plus exclusive content and deals that go straight to your inbox!

So whatever you level of skill, from a novice through to a seasoned pro, go and have a look at Explorers Club - you have nothing to lose!

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