Thursday, 13 August 2015

Featured Photographer - Allen Beatty.

Today's featured artist is photographer Allen Beatty.

Allen Beatty has been taking photographs for over 51 years having started originally because he discovered very quickly he had no talent for painting. Yet he needed an outlet for his creative urges so he decided to “paint” with a camera and hasen’t looked back since. 

His photography has won numerous awards starting with the Grand Prize winner in a contest sponsored by the St. Thomas Chamber of Commerce taken while on honeymoon. Since then, he has won the Top Award seven times and the Slide of the Month and Print of the Month four times by a regional camera club. He has been published twice in the Newark Star-Ledger for their “Our Towns” contest and most recently won a $1,000 award and had 5 photos published in the Great Destinations: NJ book. 

His philosophy is that images are much more than a simple record. Photography speaks to the best and most generous part of our human nature--the desire to share what we find beautiful and interesting with others. Photography allows us to express ourselves through an art form. We notice a beautiful landscape or a sunset and we want to capture it. Each of us will have a different reason to do so but, essentially, we want to create something that speaks to our spirit. A well executed photograph grabs our attention and speaks directly to our emotions. Photography at it's best, is a powerful language which evokes emotion. It allows us to tell our story and show others our framing of the world around us. And for the photographer who trips the shutter, it feels good. 

Here are a few representative images of Allen's work. To see his entire portfolio please visit his website 
Sunset Gondola Ride
Freedom Tower 
Single Red And Yellow Tulip On Black
You may also connect with Allen on his social media accounts: 

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