Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Featured Photographer Fraida Gutovich.

Today's featured artist is photographer Fraida Gutovich.

I am Fraida Gutovich, a Los Angeles based photographer who has a passion for birds and wildlife. Recently, my travels took me to Lake Clark National Park in Alaska. There I had the opportunity to photograph Grizzly bears in their natural environment.
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Bear Stare
Even growing up in a big city did not daunt my appreciation and fascination for the natural world. Before I entered the world of photography, I would spend many hours observing and learning about birds, animals and insects.
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Mystic Morning
Studying their patterns in behaviors and rituals eventually helped when I picked up a camera to photograph them. I was able to rely on a certain amount of predictability which became evident in my work.
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Every new day gives me another opportunity to do what I am so passionate about, and the ability to share it with others brings me a lot of joy.
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The Prize
Last year my work was featured in the Malibu Chronicle as I documented a colony of great egrets from the nesting ritual all the way through the fledgling of the chicks.

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