Monday, 21 September 2015

Featured Photographer Mike Savad

Today's featured artist is photographer Mike Savad.

Mike Savad is an accomplished artist. His HDR photography looks a lot like a painting and its designed to look like one. Influenced by Norman Rockwell, along with artists of the renaissance, he creates a new kind of art style. Something that is both unique and quite stunning.

Mike also specializes in colorizing black and whites. Using a brand new technique he developed himself, he hand shades images digitally, remastering them. The newly colored image has the appearance of a color photo or a painting. You will never believe they were ever black and white.
Roy O Woodruff Dentist 1924 - Colorised
His steampunk creations are very popular. Using digital art as a medium, he creates steampunk visions that are quite interesting. Steampunk is very popular these days, it's “in” to be old.
Starry Night
The Gentleman's Monowheel
You can find his work on  

On his site, you will see he has a vast amount of images, nearing 3000 pictures! You can spend all day finding images that will make your home into a gallery. Find gifts for your friends while your there. 

The bulk of his work focuses on different trades and professions.  Art for Pilots, Machinists, Lawyers,  Accountants, Chef's, Doctors and Pharmacists, Firefighters, Different Trades, Dentists, Farming, Stuff for children, Science,  Hobbies, and so many more, just too many to list. 
The Tale Of The Kraken
If you need high quality art, look no further than his site, you will not be disappointed, I recommend it. 

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