Thursday, 1 October 2015

Close-Up & Macro Made Easy!

This new guide from Ed Verosky gives you everything you need to get started with close-up & macro photography! You can start taking AMAZING macro photos with the lenses you already have. Learn how to use inexpensive tools and lighting techniques to create exciting larger-than-life images!

  • "Jump Start" gets you up and running immediately
  • Macro shots without buying new gear!
  • Learn which new tools are right for you
  • Follow the examples to create your own cool shots

"There's nothing like getting really close-up and exploring the simplest things as they take on the form of new landscapes. This book shows you how to discover these hidden worlds. Learn how to make the most of any gear you currently own, and how to wisely invest in new tools as you find the need. You'll never have the excuse that there's nothing to take pictures of, or that you've seen it all before. You'll find that everything, and I mean everything (like items just lying around the house), will now offer exciting and unlimited photo opportunities."

"This book is for anyone who needs to take photos of food and details at events, items for online sales, documentation and cataloging, and just for the fun of it. Plus, I include plenty of tips that can easily make your shots more impressive than the average close-up shot." -- Ed Verosky

Here are a couple of my own attempts at macro photography:
Garden Rose

Fly On Petal

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