Sunday, 18 October 2015

Mastering Composition – A Photographer’s Guide to Seeing

We are pleased to bring you details of this new ebook by Andrew S Gibson. Mastering Composition: A Photographer’s Guide to Seeing is written for everybody who wants to learn to see and create better composed photos.
After the camera the photographer’s most important tool is the eye for a photo. We all want to create, powerful, dramatic and impactful images. But we can’t get there without an understanding of the fundamentals of composition.

Mastering Composition takes you on a journey beyond the rule of thirds and explores all the principles of composition you need to understand in order to create beautifully designed and emotive photos.

First, you need to understand how your camera and lens see the subject. Then you need to learn how to see the subject in abstract terms – as a series of lines, shapes, tones, patterns and colours. Finally, you need to be able to see and exploit the visual relationships between these elements.

This ebook shows you how. It’s presented in 20 easy to digest lessons and includes two case studies with renown photographers Betina La Plante and Michael Diblicek.

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Andrew S Gibson 
My interest in photography began when my parents bought me a Ricoh KR-10m camera over 20 years ago. Since then I’ve taken photos in over 60 countries, studied for a degree in photography and worked as Technical Editor for EOS magazine. Now I’m a freelance writer and I make a living writing about photography. In recent years I’ve lived in the UK, China and New Zealand, which is now my home.
The Guarantee
I’m so confident that my ebooks will help improve your photography that I give you an unconditional guarantee. If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with your purchase just let me know within six months and I’ll refund the purchase price in full, no questions asked.

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