Friday, 23 October 2015

New - The Photo Retouching Master Class

New Video Tutorial - Retouching Master Class

This course covers everything from mastering the black & white workflow, getting the best results with your raw files before making them into panoramas, adding drama to photos, correctly exposing highlights and recovering drama without too much of the “HDR look”, stylizing photos, bringing life to dull photos, shooting dramatic foggy photos, shooting straight into a sunset, selective clarity enhancements, how to get the best out of your night photos, recovering boring skies and much, much more.

The course, which is suitable for beginners but would also be of value to experienced photographers, lasts 3 hours 26 minutes and just some of the topics covered are:

    • Dramatic Black & Whites - 
      Mastering my full workflow for dramatic black & white photos in Lightroom
    • Exposing for Highlights - 
      How to correctly expose for the highlights and recover drama without having too much of an “HDR look”
    • Bringing Life to Sunrise - 
      Bringing to life a dull sunrise photo
    • Retouch Direct Sunset - 
      Retouching a sunset photo shot right into the lens
    • Night Photos - 
      How to get the best out of a night photo
    • Fixing Flat Skies - 
      How to get drama when you have just a flat blue sky
    • Creative with Boring Colors - 
      How to get creative when the original colors are boring
    • Black & White Process for Drama - 
      One of my favorite black and white conversion process for super drama
    • Guiding the Eyes of the Viewer - 
      Retouching a photo after sunset and guiding the eyes of the viewer

    The course covers Lightroom and Photoshop. 
    Go to Retouching Master Class for full details and to order the tutorial.

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