Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Featured Artist David Birchall

Today's featured photographer is David Birchall.

When we spoke to David, this is what he told us:

My love of photography began many years ago when I was about to become a father for the first time, and realised I would need a camera to take some pictures of the new arrival!

A keen amateur photographer friend sold me his spare Zenith E 35mm camera, and I found after a lot of trial and error and self-teaching that I could produce half-decent results. After recording my children Lucie and Mark growing up at every birthday, holiday, and Christmas, I started to find rest, relaxation, and tremendous satisfaction disappearing into the hills to record the landscape and changing seasons. 
Cliffs at Hunstanton

Since those far off days I have gone through a succession of 35mm and medium format film cameras, and like most photographers I am now well and truly in the digital age.

When I first became interested in photography I was working in the I.T business, or computing as it was called back then, and spent many years juggling a working career with a budding photography business. 

Family commitments and the need to pay the mortgage meant for a long time that photography had to take a back seat, which was very frustrating because on numerous occasions I had to turn down photographic work because it clashed with my day job.
Helmcken Falls
Two redundancies in quick succession a few years ago made me decide to give up the I.T business and concentrate full-time on photography. The children had grown up and left home, the mortgage was paid off, so I thought – why not ?  I had got to the point where I was disillusioned with the corporate world, sitting in meetings most of the day wearing a suit and tie, filling in forms and writing reports, and listening to people trying to impress with the latest buzz-words was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my working life.  I would generally spend a couple of days each week in London but find myself gazing out the office window looking at the cranes on the London skyline thinking what an excellent picture it would make, or thinking I’ll be out of here in a couple of hours and I can get out and about with my camera…it was definitely time to move on.
Reflections at Ladybower Reservoir
I worked as a wedding photographer for a while, which was very enjoyable but very hard work. People tend to think of it as being well paid to press a shutter for a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon but there is far more to it than that.  If it was that easy I would still be doing it!

One of my more memorable experiences of wedding photography was photographing the weddings of three sisters in turn over three consecutive years, and then photographing the wedding of their mother when she re-married the following year, they were my best customers!
Staithes Village
From Manchester originally but now living in Chesterfield on the edge of the Peak District,  I feel privileged to live in one of the most spectacular areas of outstanding natural beauty in England.  The photographic opportunities are endless, whatever the weather or time of year. My wife Bev and I are keen walkers and getting up into the hills is something we love to do whenever we can, with the camera of course.

We also like to travel as often as we can, which also gives me the opportunity to boost my stock at one of the specialist travel photographic libraries I submit work to. 
People seem to like my pictures, I think it’s because I go for bright punchy colors, images which catch the eye and would look good hung on a wall. My photography principles are simple. If somebody likes one of my images sufficiently to buy a print from my website, or to use in a publication, I am more than satisfied.  I like to think my images bring pleasure to the viewer, and if it inspires them to visit that place, or pick up their own camera, I think I have done a good job.
Pastel Rose
My work has been published widely in books, travel brochures, magazines, industry publications and brochures, calendars, postcards, and I am a regular exhibitor at the various regional art shows. My work can be viewed at the following websites;

I can be contacted via email at daveb1[at]

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