Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Featured Artist Phyllis Mandot Beiser.

Today's featured artist is Phyllis Mandot Beiser.

Phyllis is an artist of humble beginnings. Growing up the daughter of a trapper in the South Louisiana swamps and marshes provided a vast and unique world from which to draw, both personally and creatively. 
Moon Over Mississippi A Flamingos Perspective

It is the love of nature and wildlife, mostly wading birds and waterfowl, which inspires all of her paintings and the majority of work that she creates consists of the birds and marine life found in and around the Gulf States of The United States. Her medium is oil on canvas and rarely is their a deviation from that medium with the exception of an occasional mural. 
Speckled Trout

Phylis said to us "The Mississippi Gulf Coast has been my home for twelve years now, and my eyes can not take in all the rich abundance of flora & fauna! Everywhere I look, there is color and life! Compositions begin forming and I fight to place on canvas that which my eyes conceive. The world around me is constantly changing and inspiring my senses, and I respond with work that is continually growing and evolving."
White Pelican In The Louisiana Marsh

She spends much of her time walking along the beaches or venturing through her beloved swamps and barrier islands in search of new ideas to create very true to life compositions of the Louisiana and Mississippi scenery and wildlife. Her work has been featured in Beach Boulevard Magazine and is on display at the Moss Point Audubon Center. She has also painted mural design at House Of Blues in New Orleans, Louisiana and Orlando, Florida. Her original oil paintings can be found at several Gulf Coast galleries.
Moonlight Serenade

You can visit Phyllis' artwork at and visit her on Google+

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