Thursday, 17 December 2015

6 Tips for Capturing Dramatic Skies in your Landscape Photography

Todays article is from our friends at Digital Photography School and is written by Hillary Grigonis who enjoys sharing her love of photography by writing how-to posts for CreativeLive, a resource for free online photography classes from world class instructors. When she's not writing (or writing about photography), she's snapping photos for her lifestyle photography business.

Hillary gives six very useful tips for getting that great shot of the sky.:

Don’t let the land in landscape photography fool you–a great landscape photo relies just as much on the sky. Boring gray skies make for boring landscape photos. But capturing a dramatic sky in camera is trickier than it seems. With the sky lighter than the land, the camera will typically overexpose the sky, turning a brilliant blue into a vague and unexciting gray.

But, with a little fine tuning, it is possible to capture a sky that is the cherry-on-top of a great scene on land. Here are six tips for capturing more dramatic skies in your landscape photography.

Just follow this link to learn the six tips and to see some stunning images of the sky....   6 Tips for Capturing Dramatic Skies in your Landscape Photography
Here are a couple of my own images where I am pleased with the look of the sky.
Sunrise in the Mediterranean
Sunset at Koper
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