Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Brent Mail Photography

I recently came across Brent Mail, not as you may think, a Daily Newspaper, but an award winning Australian Photographer who is an Associate of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. 

Brent is passionate about photography and life, and loves to share that passion and knowledge of photography with others. He has set up a website to do just that,, and the first thing that you will notice when you visit, is that Brent offers three, totally free photography courses plus weekly photo tips.

These free courses alone make it worthwhile for you to visit the site so I strongly recommend that you click below and get started, personally I found the Landscape course invaluable.

I would also suggest that you visit his blog where you will find some great posts, often with video interviews or examples of Brent's photography showing how he works.

As a professional photographer and trainer, Brent also produces a series of Photography Training Videos which take you behind the scenes on his photo shoots and explain exactly what he is doing and how he create his images in easy-to-understand English, and he does not hold anything back, giving you access to heaps of great photography tips and tricks.

The following images are from two of his courses, How to Capture Amazing Sunset Images
and How to Photograph Kids – Naturally:
How to Photograph Kids – Naturally

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