Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Featured Artist Richard Reeve

Today's featured artist is photographer Richard Reeve.

Richard is a British-born artist now resident in beautiful Pennsylvania. Primarily a photographer, he also produce digital artwork based on his photographic images as well as the occasional digital design from a blank canvas.
Floating Fall Leaf

Richard prefers not to be constrained to one genre of imagery, but likes to use his eye to look for an unusual composition wherever he goes, and is seldom without a camera of some sort, be it a phone, “proper camera” or even his little self-assembled Recesky film camera.
Electric Moon
He was fascinated by photography in his early teens, but lack of quality equipment and the cost of film developing prevented him from taking this too far .  As with many photographers, the advent of digital cameras was a boon to Richard and allowed him to pursue his long-dormant interest. 
Peppers And Beans
Richard loves the artistic freedom that being behind the lens brings to his psyche. He finds that using a viewfinder is akin to being in another world, one where he can concentrate on the moment to create something that he likes, and that, ultimately, he can share.
No Smoking
In addition to his own photography work, Richard started and administers two groups on Fine Art America/Pixels. 
You can view Richards work or follow him on the following sites:

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