Saturday, 16 January 2016

Africa From A to Z - Y

Our regular readers will notice that I have missed out the letter X and I only have two examples of images beginning with Y.

Both of these were seen in Kenya and are a Yellow-throated Longclaw and a Yellow Billed Stork.
Yellow-throated Longclaw
The yellow-throated longclaw (Macronyx croceus) is a species of bird in the family Motacillidae. Its natural habitats are dry savanna, subtropical or tropical seasonally wet or flooded lowland grassland, and sandy shores.
Yellow Billed Stork
The Yellow-billed stork (Mycteria ibis), sometimes also called the wood stork or wood ibis, is a large African wading stork species in the Ciconiidae family. It is widespread in regions south of the Sahara and also occurs in Madagascar.

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