Monday, 11 January 2016

Featured Artist Bruce J Schmalfuss

This weeks featured artist is Bruce Schmalfuss

The inspiration for Bruce’s work comes from a passion and love of Rock ‘n Roll, specifically, Led Zeppelin.  It’s been an obsession since 1973.

His work first came out back in the late 80’s using wood as a medium, in many instances making three dimensional paintings using a router and other carving tools to add depth. 

Focusing on Rock album covers for a time, it culminated in the Physical Graffiti cover. After seven months of carving each brick and building out the fire escapes etc., he was exhausted on album covers.

Yet not wanting to give up on the wood working aspect, Bruce turned to ship building. First the Titanic, which he was featured in News 12 Long Island, an 8 ft handmade wood replica of the ill-fated ocean liner, each piece hand made. This was followed up with the USS North Carolina.  A slightly smaller work by scale, yet much more complicated and more detail to do.  

Finally, having exhausted on wood all together Bruce has turned to an entirely new medium; canvas using both Acrylics and Oils. He is back to Rock ‘n Roll genre, as well as family portraits and movie characters. But Led Zeppelin will remain his passion!

You can learn more about Bruce and view examples of his work on his Facebook page and his website You can also view the canvas prints he has for sale on his Fine Art America site.

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