Monday, 4 January 2016

Featured Artist Debi Bond

For today's feature, we spoke to artist Debi Bond who had this to say about herself and her art:-

My goal as an artist is to offer a place of tranquility to stop, rest and sometimes smile. Those places in my mind often show up in painting a day full of sunlit color, a good fog, and often animals and plants. The colors, emotions, and light they offer are a magical wonder, calming your nerves and soothing your very soul. Whatever the subject, I love to zero in, catching the very essence of the moment: feeling hidden and looking up or out into the world. 
Iguana at Twilight
Playing and experimenting with acrylic and watercolor are passions of mine. Mediums, blow dryers, lots of water, my hands, just about anything can become a brush. Sometimes on exotic surfaces, like handmade banana or mango papers, I love to batik and infuse encaustic methods with beeswax. When drawing, pen and ink and graphite always woo me. 
Sounds of Music

Art has always been a God given talent and an escape for my own soul in this crazy world. I hope you enjoy escaping with me.
Oo Lala
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