Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The Ultimate Flash Photography Guide

Who said flash portraits had to be complicated?
With this brand new ebook, from Digital Photography School, Fast FLASH, they don’t have to be!

Buy ebook Fast Flash for Portrait Perfection
Fast FLASH for Portrait Perfection 

  • Portraits: Making the Shot 
  • Portraits: Striking the Pose 
  • Portraits: Lighting the Shot 
  • Portraits: After the Shot 
  • 14 Recipes for Amazing Portraits is included as a bonus, too. 

Talented and world-renowned photographer, Gina Milicia, has been using flash lighting techniques in her portraits for over 25 years – photographing a-list celebrities, heads of state… even royalty.

Now in this follow up to her best-selling ‘Portraits’ ebook series (Making the Shot, Striking the Pose, Lighting the Shot and After the Shot), she’s sharing all her best flash lighting secrets, tips and techniques.

With her practical, easy-to-understand advice, you’ll be shooting AMAZING flash headshots and portraits in no time at all.

And studio-quality results don’t necessarily require high-end gear, either. In fact, most of Gina’s examples in the ebook were shot using a budget lighting kit!

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Buy ebook Fast Flash for Portrait Perfection

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Buy ebook Fast Flash for Portrait Perfection

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