Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Featured Artist Roberta Byram

This weeks featured artist is painter and photographer Roberta Byram, and this is what she told us about herself:

Hello! I am Roberta Byram; painter, photographer, and writer. My art reflects a deep love of life as I embrace life and all of creation. I focus on capturing those things that take us by surprise and those images which we want to hold onto forever. I possess a creativity that is unique. 

Here is a sample of Roberta's work:
Yellow Lillies

Look at all the buds on those lilies! I was so excited to receive this bunch of beauties! The first three flowers are bursting with joy as they await the others to come along.

White Arches

They may not be the Golden Arches, but these white arches have been around for some time. An original pizza pick up in Steubenville, Ohio, it is still the best pizza in the world. I am 65 years old and this building was here when I was born. It has not changed: no updates, no remodel, no make over. It is still the same. I guess the saying is true: some things never change!

At Peace

Come to a place where peace abounds; a quiet, soothing place. The creek bed is a place of peace where quiet abounds and mystery is found. You can hear your heartbeat in this place of peace, so come and stay awhile.

You can visit Roberta's blog on her website, under the info tab 

You can also find Roberta on the following Social Media sites:

Little Bits and Bytes of Revelation: Messages from God 
A book about hope and inspiration 
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Roberta Byram, Author 

Now Released! 
In a Split Second 
A book about an 'almost' near death experience. 
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Roberta Byram, Author 

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