Sunday, 1 May 2016

Featured Artist Earl Eells

This weeks featured artist is photographer Earl Eells who had this to say to us:

I've been on Fine Art America now since August of 2014. I hope that I have learned along the way as I have studied what others are doing and the beautiful pictures that they are posting. 
The Grand Canyon Mathers Point
I'm longing for warm weather to return so that all of us can be out and doing what we all love, shooting incredible images. My wife and I have definite plans to visit the Grand Canyon later in early summer. I am excited about the experience and I'm sure you will get a chance to enjoy what I see there.
Come Sit With Me
I'm still using my imagination and see things that may be no one has seen before until someone puts it in a picture. I love to shoot small things. Flowers and small insects and small objects. Scenic pictures are amazing. We live in an amazingly beautiful country and I love to capture some of that beauty. 
Purple Phlox
The heavens above have started to catch my interest. I would love to capture the Milky Way on film but have as of yet failed but will succeed at some point. Hoping that the pictures I upload to Fine Art America will catch the eye of many and result in successfully selling many of my pictures. 
Earls work can be viewed at
and you can follow him on Twitter @eellsearl 

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