Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Featured Artist Pedro Cardona

This weeks featured artist is photographer Pedro Cardona, from Minorca, Spain and this is what he had to say to us:

"I started late in the photography world, when, aged 30, I re-discover the interest of showing the world my personal view of all around. I am self-taught, acquiring skills through a constant stream of trial and error, improving day after day and experimenting with new techniques in photo processing. 
Es Castell Menorca
Photoshop is not just a processing software for me, but a real laboratory where chemical products can be changed by brushes and layers, every day something inspiring appears and that’s why an evolution can be seen when viewing my works from the past to the present.
Old Port Mahon
Specialities? There’s not a concrete speciality but the transmission of senses and feelings.  Always something or some one is waiting to be discovered and shown to the world as the artist imagines it, sometimes you get it and some times not, but just that moment of creativity is worth all time you invest in it.  Among my photos you can find landscapes, seascapes, still life or even macro, limit is just a word that's better not to pronounce, nothing can stop creativity except yourself
SS Delphine 
Equipment. I'm Nikonist 100%, but I don't believe machinery is the most important.  A good work is like a cocktail of creativity  50%, sweat 45% and equipment 5%, in any case, most of my lenses are fixed, I don't like zooms. I believe in the phrase of Robert Capa "if your photos are not good enough you're not close enough"
Vintage Bicycle
Colaborations and contests: I've collaborated in many local magazines and newspapers, also in music CD's and book covers, calendars, etc.., but the thing I miss more is the exhibitions, hope next year I'll prepare a new one. Also I have won about 15 local and national photo contest, but I stop participating years ago, I prefer leave that to new photographers.
Favaritx Lighthouse
Social media is very important nowadays, it helps you to become known on the other side of the word, but I still love that moment in the exhibition, when the a spectator  gives you his or her opinion, and, if you're lucky, even you can see a tear appearing just for one second or even an exclamation of surprise
Deep Diver Cyclops Helmet 
Projects: Every ten seconds a new project is born, is just matter of time make it a solid reality, I wish to prepare a new exhibition for next year

Thanks for your time and for give me the opportunity of explain a little bit of my history."

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