Monday, 5 September 2016

Featured Artist Nancy Ingersoll

This weeks featured artist is photographer and artist Nancy Ingersoll.

Nancy Ingersoll is a full-service creative resource. Nancy is a teaching artist, which means she practices what she preaches. With one hand in the creative side, she stays up to date on the current trends and techniques, while the other hand is teaching young artists which keeps her immersed in a creative environment. It is this creative energy that she thrives on. She teaches a high school Advanced Placement Studio Art for Photography class where 100% of her students earned college credit for the portfolios that they created under her guidance and submitted to The College Board, an organization that prepares and administers standardized tests that are used in college admission and placement.

Nancy is both a photographer and a graphic designer, who manages all aspects of her projects from idea to execution. Her work has appeared in ads on billboards and Muni buses in San Francisco, in addition to many other smaller scale exhibits. Her graphic design work includes both digital art and hand lettered pieces. Some of her hand lettered pieces have been converted to digital pieces that are available in a variety of products, such as apparel and home decor items, in addition to prints.

Documenting environments is how one might describe Nancy’s photography. While some of Nancy’s other work utilizes puns that show her sense of humor and other pieces express her faith.

On her site, you can choose from over 350 images, in a variety of styles. A fair amount of her work is in chalkboard style, which is one of the latest trends in home decorating and perfect for nearly any style of home.  

or follow her on Instagram @thephotocottage

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