Sunday, 30 October 2016

101 Lightroom Portrait Presets

Do you find yourself spending hours tweaking your portraits in Lightroom? Or are you so intimidated by all the bells and whistles that you just don’t even bother? Our friends over at Digital Photography School have launched a new Adobe Lightroom Presets pack, "101 Lightroom Portrait Presets", created by Rachel Devine.

Lightroom Presets have proven to be popular with the DPS photography audience so with Rachel's help this is now their third Presets product. 

Rachel Devine has been honing her craft since she got her first real camera at the age of 14. A professional photographer by trade, mother of three children, author of three books and the creative mind behind photography blog, Sesame Ellis, she is never without some kind of camera in her hand.

Whether you’re new to Lightroom or a seasoned professional photographer, our 101 Lightroom Portraits Presets can save you hours post processing your photos.

Having suffered the same frustrations of processing photos in Lightroom, Rachel has developed a Lightroom editing system dedicated to the task of optimising portrait shots.

Rachel’s Lightroom Portrait Presets pack will give you countless image-enhancing options to make your portraits say exactly what you want them to. Ideal for professionals and amateur enthusiasts alike, they deliver professional results in an instant.

With this pack you’ll be able to:
  • Save time getting your portraits looking just right.
  • Streamline your workflow
  • Use the presets the professionals use to create stunning images
  • Give your photos an instant “pop”
Take advantage of 67 different presets and 36 different portrait brushes for touching up images.

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