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Today, guest blogger Kyle Ward gives his thoughts on what photography gadgets you need to make your travelling terrific.

If you are a photography lover, and you want to capture the finest places in your travel, then you should make sure first, that you have all the essentials. You might not pay attention to petty things like batteries or hard drives because these are so obvious, but if you don’t have these things, it can cause you a lot of trouble. Here is a list of photography gadgets that will make your traveling terrific.

Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries

There must be at least one item in your kit that needs AA or AAA batteries, and I have no doubt about it. Once you have reached your destination, the last thing you want to do is to run here and there in search of batteries. There was a time when people used different rechargeable batteries, but when Panasonic introduced Eneloop, most people switched to it.

The best thing about these Eneloop batteries is that you can place them unused and they will maintain the amount of energy – no matter how long placed. Batteries which were used previously lost their power over time. Panasonic claims, even after the stagnation of one year, these batteries will maintain 85% of power – which is quite fantastic.

Rugged Hard Drives

It is the most obvious thing that if you are continuously clicking pictures, then certainly you will have to store those photos. Most people just rely on whatever they get, in order to save some money. But if you are conscious about the data you capture, then you should go for something that is reliable. Even a little damage or a fall can destroy the ordinary drives, and all your hard work is undone in a minute.

There are rugged hard drives available in the markets which are so reliable and durable. You wouldn’t believe, but I have a rugged drive with me which has dents all over it, and it seems as if this drive has been to war, but it is still working properly. You should have at least two such drives. If you think that the place you are going will have the fast internet connection, then you can also upload your data to the cloud – provided the speed is excellent.

At Least One Short Prime Lens

Prime lenses were once the must-have things for the photographers, but nowadays, the situation has changed. In modern cameras, Canon has plenty of zoom options to pick from. Nikon also has the same options, and people are focusing more and more on zooms instead of primes. I suggest you also pick prime lens because you will find many places where there will be a little light, and in these cases, the prime lens would be of great help. The second reason is that the prime lens offers a shallower depth of field if you place the aperture at the wider end.

Plug Adapters

These aren’t the big things that you are afraid to carry with, only because these will increase the weight of your luggage. You can easily place three of these adapters in your pocket without any difficulty. You can have branded product like kikkerland, but you can also choose other products. These adapters are originally made in Japan, and you have to import them from the manufacturer directly. Thank God, in recent days, few western companies have seen some value in it.

Power Strip

The power strip is a must-have thing because many hotels have only one socket, and if you want to charge more than one thing, there will be trouble. At the same time if you are on a Safari, then you will probably be using a generator, and most generators only have one socket. The power strip will make you able to charge more than one things simultaneously.

But, you should always choose a power strip keeping in mind the quality. The best option is to choose those which can take up to 240v. Most areas use only 110v and others more than that. In areas which use voltage more than 110v, the traditional strip will get fried instantly. Many branded strips are cheap and you can easily get them from a nearby store. If you are looking for some discount on multiple products, you can explore Groupon.

Anker USB Charger

It is a very convenient thing especially for those who know the trouble of having only one socket in a hotel room, and worst of all, which is under the bed. In these cases, your mobile phone ends up charging on the floor, under your bed. The reason is that most of the hotels were designed before the invention of these gadgets.

This device has five USB slots which mean you can charge five things at the same time. From the practical point of view, by using this device you won’t forget USBs or other data cables behind because you placed them under the bed attached to the only socket in the room.

Peak Design Field Pouch

If you are traveling with lots of gadgets with you, then you should also consider how to arrange these devices and place them accurately. For this purpose, you will need a bag. Ordinary bags are least suitable. The Peak design field pouches are best for these scenarios and keep all your things organized because these bags have distinct pockets.

The amazing thing about these bags is that these also have some hidden pockets and you can place your valuables there. There are six different sized and different shaped pockets which help you put a thing in a suitable place.

Cards and Card Readers

You can also think of getting some cards and card readers which will give you some extra memory. Prefer the standard products like Sandisk. Make sure you have a USB-form reader because it is a more standard form than others.

Camera Rain Cover

Camera rain cover is a must have a thing because you surely want to protect your camera and who knows when will there be rain. In many areas, rain is a dangerous occurrence, especially in monsoon seasons. This rain cover will let you get the finest shots in the rain as well as it will protect your camera from the rain.

This guest post is written by Kyle Ward, who works at Rebates Zone, and in his spare time he loves  Yoga, hiking and playing instruments.

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