Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Fill Your Frame: Photo Composition

A couple of days ago, I gave my thoughts on the Rules of Composition and I would like to follow that up with this article from Picture Correct, talking about the importance of "Filling Your Frame" in your photos. It was written by  Etienne Bossot, who runs Pics of Asia, offering photo tours to South East Asia and who for the past four years has been teaching thousands of people at all photographic levels. She is also a commercial and wedding photographer in Southeast Asia.

The more I teach photography, the more I realize that this is something I need to repeat… about 10 times a day. This is actually now one of the first things I talk about when talking about composition, once the camera settings have been covered. Fill Your Frame. To read the full article, which includes some lovely images from Etienne, follow this link:......  Fill Your Frame: Photo Composition
Here are three very different images of mine, where I have filled the frame with the subject.
A garden rose showing filling the frame photography composition
Garden Rose
Boulton Watt & Murdoch filling the frame photography composition
Boulton Watt and Murdoch
filling the frame photography composition with a Starling on a bird feeder in my garden
Starling Feeding

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