Monday, 5 March 2018

Capturing Birds in Flight

Todays article is from Picture Correct and is writen by Andy Long, who gives some excellent advise on the difficult topic of Capturing Birds in Flight. Andy is an award-winning photographer/writer who devotes his photography work to the beauty of the world around us. As a leader of workshops ( since 1994, Andy likes to help people explore new areas and to go home with a memorable experience as well as great images.

A shot of a bird in flight has always been a challenge to photographers. Seeing a perfect print image only serves to make them eager to create the same result. Photographing a bird in flight presents one problem, but capturing that one special bird-in-flight shot that’s in focus and has good composition plus good light can represent a whole set of problems. Everyone has their share of good flight shots where the bird may be just a tiny bit soft. Those are easy. But, how do you get a great flight shot?

Follow this link to read Capturing Birds in Flight and I am confident that you will find it extremely valuable.
Here are a few of my attempts at capturing birds in flight, but having read Andys article I will certainly be attempting to capture some more Birds in Flight.
Capturing Birds in Flight - Black Kite
Black Kite
Capturing Birds in Flight - Juvenile Herring Gull
Juvenile Herring Gull
Capturing Birds in Flight - Birds in the Mist
Birds in the Mist
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