Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Picfair a new platform for photographers.

I recently came across a new site for photographers to sell their images. It is called Picfair and they claim to be the World's first fair photography marketplace, with a rapidly-growing community of photographers across the globe. Over 35,000 photographers in 130 countries have already uploaded over 6 million images to the platform. You can see a small selection of my images that I have uploaded to Picfair below.
Licence this image of Franjo Tudman Bridge
Franjo Tudman Bridge - Dubrovnik

So what makes them different from all the other sites that say that they will sell your images for you?

Their systems make it incredibly simple for any photographer to upload their images, name their price, and start selling - they add a 20% commission on every sale they make. Existing image platforms (Getty, Shutterstock etc) exclude “amateur” photographers altogether, and keep up to 85% of the royalties generated by the small percentage of photographers who they do let in. The company  is already working with global brands such as The Guardian, National Geographic, Time Inc., Conde Nast, Lonely Planet, Rapha, Jack Daniels, and Topshop among many others.
Licence this image of Madonna Della Lettera - Sicily
Madonna Della Lettera - Sicily

And image licensing is only the beginning. By the end of 2018, Picfair's platform will enable photographers to make money through multiple additional streams - developing ways for photographers to sell prints to their networks and receive photography commissions across the globe, simply and fairly. They are building a platform for the photographers of the future - from amateurs to professionals - to turn their creativity into income.
Licence this image of African Elephant
African Elephant - Kenya
The company has now launched a crowd funding campaign to raise £350,000 to take them to their next stage. If you are interested in learning more about this, go to Crowdcube.

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