Monday, 10 September 2018

A Free, Personalised Photography Store

A few weeks ago, I reported that I had discovered Picfair, a new platform for photographers to sell their images - follow the link to read the post.

I can now report on some very exciting news from Picfair: later this month, they are unveiling free personalised stores for every photographer on the platform - a sleek, modern home for your photographs and yours alone. For free.

Stores are a major new addition to the Picfair ecosystem. For every photographer - from experienced professionals to budding amateurs - building an online home for your photography is expensive, complicated and disconnected. With Picfair Stores, they are making it simple - a single online home for your photography that does everything for you: beautifully showcasing your images, powering and managing all of your downloads & prints sales, while still connecting you to a global audience through the Picfair marketplace.

Because they know that all their photographers really want to be doing … is getting out there and taking beautiful photographs. Picfair can handle everything else. Once your store is activated, all you need to do is keep uploading!

Act now and get PRIORITY ACCESS once Picfair Stores are launched.

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