Thursday, 10 January 2019

Caribbean Cruise - Antigua

Here we are on our fifth Caribbean island, Antigua, with just two more to go!

My favourite part of our visit was when we went up to Shirley Heights, which offers the best view on the island, and arguably in the Caribbean.

This military complex, within a short distance of the Dockyard, is named  after Sir Thomas Shirley, Governor of the Leeward Islands, who strengthened Antigua’s defences in 1781. Britain had lost all her West Indian colonies (including North America) at this time except Antigua and Barbados. Much effort, therefore, was put into Antigua’s defences, mainly because of the island’s great sugar producing value and the important Dockyard.
The Guardhouse
The guard house built in 1791, is one of the few buildings that have been restored at Shirley Heights. Walking through the Guardhouse you will come to the terrace which affords a superb view to the west, of English and Falmouth Harbours.
Shirley Heights
A superb view of English and Falmouth Harbours, considered the best view in Antigua.
English Harbour
View of English Harbour. Freemans Bay is in the foreground, and Falmouth Harbour in the background, with Nelsons Dockyard in the centre.

Standfast Point
Looking to the east is the spectacular headland of Standfast Point, which is owned by Eric Clapton.  After leaving Shirley Heights we travelled down to Nelsons Dockyard.
Clarence House
Clarence House, part of Nelsons Dockyard. Located on a low hill overlooking the Dockyard it was built by English stonemasons to act as living quarters for Prince William Henry, (the future king, William IV), who stayed here when he was in command of the Pegasus in 1787. At present it's the country home of the Governor of Antigua and Barbuda.

After spending a couple of hours on the beach we returned to our ship and prepared for the following day in Tortolla!

The Oriana alongside Oceania's Sirena at the St Johns cruise ship terminal.

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