Friday, 4 January 2019

Caribbean Cruise - Martinique

Following our day in St Lucia our next destination was the French Island of Martinique, and its administrive capital of Fort de France.
Fort de France
The Cathedral of St Louis dominates the skyline and that is where we headed after disembarkation. On the way we walked along a side street and came upon this attractive piece of graffiti.
A few minutes later we arrived at a side entrance in the cathedral and went inside.
Altar of St Louis Cathedral
Note the marble altar and the grand pipe organ as well as the beautiful stained glass windows. After a good look around, we viewed the cathedral from the outside.
St Louis Cathedral
The Cathedral, which was designed by the architect Henri Picq, and its 58m-high spire have stood on Rue Victor-Shoelcher since 1895. This metallic structure, the sixth to be built on this site, was designed to withstand natural catastrophes, thanks in particular to the materials used (reinforced concrete and cast iron). The cathedral fronts on to the Place Mgr Roméro and on the opposite side of the square is a glass fronted building and as regular readers will know, I cannot resist a good reflection!
Reflection of St Louis Cathedral
Allthough most of the town is full of traditional buildings, there is a very modern development on the waterfron by the cruise ship terminal.
Look out for my post on our next port of call, the classic Caribbean island of St Kitts.

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